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In a private (or 'closed') Facebook group,  anything you post or share can only be seen by members of the private group.  Here's how to join.
STEP 1   Set up a Facebook account at
STEP 2   Type Better Breathers Support Group in the search panel (or click this link)
STEP 3   Request to joing the group

Our guidelines are intended to ensure private group members can nteract safely and enjoyably online. Failing to respect group guidelines may result in deleted content and expulsion from the group.

Private group purpose: The purpose of this online community is to share patient experiences, provide support and learn more about living with a chronic lung condition including COPD, asthma and many others. When seeking medical advice, please consult your healthcare provider.

Group member privacy: Please respect the privacy of group members as well as the confidentiality of any information discussed in the group as well as the nature of direct messages. Screenshots of private conversations should not be shared with the group at anytime.

Mutual respect: No bullying and discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. All posts and conversations must be respectful and tolerant of diversity in personal experiences, ethnicities, sexual orientation, religious and political opinions. Bullying and discrimination are grounds for group removal. Help us take care of our online community. If you see something you think violates our guidelines, please send an email to  

Inappropriate content: Sale or advertisement of any products, fundraising, corporate ads or multilevel marketing are prohibited.

Member and/or member post removal: When content posted or shared is in violation of community guidelines, a group administrator will alert the member via direct message. Members who repeatedly violate policies will be removed. 

Group monitoring: This group is monitored weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Group administrators do not monitor activity in the evenings, on weekends, during holidays, or other scheduled closures of the BC Lung Association office. If you have concerns of urgent medical nature, please contact your healthcare provider.



The statements, views and opinions contained on these pages and discussion boards are those of individual members and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect, the opinions of the group, its administrators or the BC Lung Association. The Better Breathers Support Group group is not affiliated with any political parties and the moderating team does not endorse, support or oppose political candidates.


Maureen Sioson, Program Coordinator 
BC Lung Association
Call toll-free: 1.800.665.5864 
Dennis Josey, Online Community Founder & Moderator
Former COPD patient, double lung transplant recipient
Call: 604.839.1169

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