Essential Information Pack Initiative

The BC Lung Association is delivering Essential Information Packs to BC lung patients. They are among those most vulnerable to severe respiratory illness, including COVID-19. 

Here's what's inside an Essential Information Pack:

  1. An Essential Information Booklet (includes info on how to join our Online Lung Patient Support Communities and how to find out more about volunteering in BC Lung's new Phone Pal Program) 

  2. Washable face masks; medical-grade sanitizer wipes; and signage giving instructions for home deliveries.

  3. A set of resistance exercise bands with an illustrated stay-at-home workout routine pamphlet.

Digital files of 'Essential Information Pack' content


  1. Download our Essential Information Booklet.   

  2. Download our Resistance Exercise Band Routine Pamphlet.  (Note: Patients can access additional 'how to stay active at home' resources here)  

  3. Download this Handy Home Deliveries Signage, a helpful reminder to those making home-based deliveries. 

Do you know a patient or caregiver who might benefit from receiving a Essential Info Pack?

If so, click here to send a pack to someone in need today!

Page Last Updated: 09/10/2020