Primer for physicians on air pollution and health

The Primer for B.C. Physicians (primer), and the related appendix, were created in response to a survey of more than 150 BC doctors which indicated the need for more information on the impacts of air pollution on health.

The primer is a synthesis of current medical understanding of air pollutants and recommends what can be done to reduce health impacts from community level actions to individual decisions.

While not a set of formal guidelines, the primer is well-researched multi-agency effort produced by leading B.C. environmental health authorities and endorsed by researchers and scientists with international reputations in the field.

Contributors include: the BC Lung Association, UBC School of Environmental Health/Centre for Health and Environment Research, BC Centre for Disease Control, and the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.

Download the primer here

Download the appendix to the primer here


Page Last Updated: 03/05/2019