Flu prevention

Flu shots are given in the fall and advised for everyone aged 6 months or older unless there’s a reason it should not be given.

A shot is needed annually because it contains protection against a new set of viruses every year, plus the immunity you get from the vaccination decreases over time.

Although you may feel and look perfectly fit, your immune system becomes less efficient as you grow older. For this reason, those aged 65 and older may get more benefit from the high-dose flu vaccination, which has four times the usual dose.

Getting vaccinated also helps reduce the risk that you will spread the flu to others in your family and community who may be at a higher risk of serious complications.  And, if you’re pregnant, getting the flu vaccine can reduce the risk that your baby will get the flu after it is born.

The good news? The flu vaccine can help prevent pneumonia caused by the flu virus. And an inoculation with the pneumococcal vaccine offers protection against bacterial pneumonia that can lead to complications, a hospital stay or even death.

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Page Last Updated: 27/10/2019