Pneumonia prevention

Diseases like influenza and pneumonia are particularly dangerous for older people. If you’re a healthy adult between ages 18 and 50, you can probably skip the vaccine.

Pneumococcal vaccinations help protect you against pneumococcal infections such as pneumonia, bacteremia (blood infection) and meningitis (infection of the membrane surrounding your brain and spinal cord).

For the best protection adults aged 65 years and older should speak to their health care provider about getting both the Prevnar® 13 and the Pneumovax® 23 vaccines.

Those not previously immunized should receive the Prevnar® 13 vaccine first followed by the Pneumovax® 23 vaccine at least eight weeks later.

Those who have previously received the Pneumovax® 23 vaccine should receive the Prevnar® 13 vaccine at least one year after receiving the Pneumovax® 23 vaccine

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Page Last Updated: 27/10/2019