Patient support groups

The BC Lung Association has cancelled all lung patient support group meetings until further notice in the interest of everyone's safety and protection against COVID 19. We will initiative our next meeting at an appropriate time.

Please, everyone, look after yourselves. And, should you have concerns, please do not hesitatie to call 811 - the Nurses Hot Line.

Coronavirus is a "droplet" virus. That means that a cough or sneeze directly on you can cause an infection, as can touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your face. Try to keep a recommended 6 feet between you and other individuals. DO NOT shake hands, hug or otherwise greet people by touching. A Big Smile works well!  Learn more on how to protect yourself by reading our Frequently Asked Questions and by reading about why Distancing is our Best Defense and learn what it means practically-speaking. 

Page Last Updated: 23/03/2020