Health effects of vaping

Short-term health effects include coughing, sneezing, exacerbation in asthma symptoms and increased heart rate. The long-term health effects of using vaping products are currently unknown and under scientific examination.

However, several studies suggest that health effects of vaping can be similar to those of cigarette smoking. Additionally, children and adults have been poisoned by swallowing the e-juice or absorbing it through skin.

Vaping products can explode and cause fires that may result in burns and injuries. The lithium-ion batteries in vaping devices can be dangerous especially if they are not properly used, stored, carried, or charged. 

Are vaping products a less harmful alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes?

There is a misconception among youth and adults alike that vaping products don't carry any of the harms of smoking cigarettes. Vaping products are in fact harmful and not safe for youth consumption.

For heavy smokers, vaping presents a less harmful alternative if used as a complete substitute for traditional cigarettes. While less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes, the use of vaping products still exposes the lungs to nicotine, particulate matter, heavy metals such as lead, and other cancer-causing toxic chemicals.

Page Last Updated: 03/10/2019