Vaping prevention toolkit

Youth vaping has reached epidemic levels, threatening to addict a new generation of young people on nicotine. In an effort to address the problem, the BC Lung Association recently partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Authorities to develop a Vaping Prevention Toolkit.

The Toolkit's purpose? 1) To raise awareness and increase the knowledge of educators, and 2) To help guide youth towards making informed decisions with respect to using vaping products. 

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An overview of vaping products, contents of vapor, and the health effects associated with vaping. Intended to be displayed in classrooms, school hallways and bulletin boards to grab the attention and raise awareness. To download the full version, click here.

This infographic is also available in Chinese and Punjabi.

Frequently Asked Questions




A series of commonly asked questions and answers about vaping products. To download the full version, click here.

The FAQ sheet is available in Chinese, Farsi, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Vaping Products Information for Parents




A resource for parents and caregivers that includes tips on how to start a dialogue about vaping, as well as potential vaping questions that parents may be asked by their child, accompanied by suggested responses. To download the full version, click here.

Information for parents is available in ChineseFarsi, PunjabiTagalog, and Vietnamese

Vaping Products Information for Teachers




A resource primarily intended for educators including teachers and health care providers. It addresses additional questions raised by educators which may not be covered within other resources. This resource is also meant to complement the PowerPoint Presentation and expands on some of the main  points outlined on the slides and provides supplemental information to prepare teachers for presenting this topic to their students. To download the full version, click here.

PowerPoint Presentation

A set of slides developed to help teachers, counsellors, health care providers, and parents present important information about vaping to youths. This kit includes:

PowerPoint presentation

Talking notes for the presenter

Fill-in-the-blank activity

BINGO game 

To download the presentation kit, click here.


  Funding for this work was provided by the Government of British Columbia.



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