Marshall Drummond

When I was diagnosed with IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis), I reached out to the BC Lung Association to see if they could help me make contact with other patients with IPF. They helped me find the Vancouver IPF support group.  I have met and made connections with others whose first-hand experience with this lung condition is really valuable.  

What IPF symptoms are you coping with?

It's my understanding that for those of us with IPF, our lung tissue becomes more damaged, stiff and scarred (fibrotic) over time, which can make it difficult for lungs to work properly. I already cope with a lot of common IPF symptoms – shortness of breath, fatigue, excessive coughing – and sleeping is not always easy, but I'm determined to keep myself, and my lungs, as fit as possible. They tell me that's key to effectively manage and maximize quality of life for IPF patients. It shouldn't be too hard.

What do you do to combat IPF?

At ’68-years young’, my wife and I live between the Gulf Islands BC and Val Marie SK, spending about six months out of the year in each area. I'm generally an active guy and am always doing something. I enjoy hiking, walking, and other outdoor activities. And in the New Year, I’m traveling to Africa and India for three months. My wife and I also have plans to open up an art gallery/museum, as well as initiate a Val Marie Summer Poetry Gathering in Saskatchewan, possibly in 2020.  

At this point, I’m not reliant on medication but I do use oxygen on an as-needed basis. I'm staying positive, making use of all the valuable advice my doctors and fellow patients have provided, and living life to its fullest!

Page Last Updated: 02/06/2020