Stay active throughout the pandemic

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health experts have stressed that keeping physically active is important. They’ve recommended solo exercise in the home or in places that aren’t crowded, but another option – particularly as our province reopens – is golfing.

Members of the 1 in 5 in particular might benefit from golfing (as long as it's safe, please assess your personal situation). Exercise is proven to help manage lung conditions, and golf is an appropriate low-exertion activity.  

Due to the nature of golf, it’s possible to safely social distance. If you ensure that your six feet distance from other players is maintained, you can play safely. There are a few things to remember though!

To keep safe, follow these instructions:

  • Leave the flagstick in
  • Don’t share equipment
  • Don’t pick up playing partners’ clubs
  • Don’t do your usual friendly post-round handshake
  • Smooth the sand with your feet instead of rakes
  • Either use a cart on your own, or don’t use one at all
  • Don’t have a caddie
  • Bring sanitizer onto the course with you and ensure you use it after touching anything
  • Don’t go for drinks or food afterwards

Remember – touching an infected surface doesn’t give you COVID-19. Touching your face after touching an infected surface does. Keep your sanitizer at the ready and try not to touch your face at all.

Of course, safety is very dependent on your individual situation. If you are at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19, or have frequent contact with someone who is, you may be better off avoiding the golf course. You should also think about the area you are golfing in and the local context involved, i.e. whether the community is at risk or currently has an outbreak. Assess your personal situation before golfing.

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Page Last Updated: 17/06/2020