Lung Transplant House BC Initiative

Four out of five BC lung transplant candidates come from out-of-town and must travel to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) for lung transplant-related appointments and surgery.

To qualify for a lung transplant in BC, a lung patient must first prove they can afford temporary housing nearby VGH for a minimum 3-month stay. For some, this is simply unaffordable.

Lung Transplant House BC (LTHouse BC) supports these transplant candidates and their caregivers to help ensure no lung patient loses their chance at a life-saving procedure due to financial limitations. 

LTHouse is governed by a Steering Group made up of patient, caregiver and healthcare stakeholders, including BC Lung as a key contributor. Should you wish to become involved, please connect with one of our Steering Group Contacts



Page Last Updated: 19/07/2021