Got Truck Smoke?

Got Truck Smoke?

This webinar was presented on October 11, 2013

Have you ever seen a diesel truck leaving a thick plume of black smoke in its wake? It’s certainly the image many people have when “air pollution” and “trucks” are mentioned in the same breath – but is it true in this day and age?

Diesel exhaust is a serious health concern, so throughout the summer of 2012, Metro Vancouver in collaboration with the BC Ministry of Environment, the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Fraser Valley Regional District, AirCare and Port Metro Vancouver engaged in a region-wide study to find out. 

This webinar provides details on Metro Vancouver’s study – the technology, the findings, and yes, gross emitters – and explores what’s happening next in developing programs and policy to address diesel emissions in Metro Vancouver. 


Ms. Eve Hou and Mr. Derek Jennejohn
Metro Vancouver

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