Recent Grant Recipients

Unfortunately, there is only enough money to fund a small percentage of all the worthy applications that we receive each year. Grant applications are put under the microscope and subject to a strict national review process designed to ensure that only the most promising and relevant research receives support. With your donation, we could explore hundreds of other possibilities and speed up the pace of discovery.

Research Grants 2015 - 2017

Tuberculosis research
Dr. Yossef Av-Gay - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Intracellular growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: prospects for drug discovery
University of British Columbia

Asthma research
Dr. Delbert Dorscheid - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – A Novel and natural anti-viral and anti-inflammatory molecule in asthma
UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

Lung research
Dr. David Granville - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Extracellular Granzyme B and Pulmonary Epithelial Barrier Disruption
UBC Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Air quality research
Dr. Sarah Henderson - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
The respiratory and cardiovascular risks associated with sub-daily exposure to forest fire smoke
BC Centre for Disease Control

Tuberculosis research
Dr. Zakaria Hmama - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Attenuated proapoptotic BCG strains as novel TB vaccines
UBC Jack Bell Research Centre

Lung disease in HIV research
Dr. Janice Leung - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Accelerated Aging and Oxidative Stress: Mechanisms of Lung Disease in HIV
UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

Genomics research
Dr. Ma’En Obeidat - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Integrative Genomics Approach to Unravel the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Lung Function Measures and Lung Cancer
UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

Interstitual lung disease research
Dr. Christopher Ryerson - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Researching frality, sarcopenia and healthcare costs in fibrotic interstitial lung disease (the ‘REFReSH-ILD Study’)
University of British Columbia

Sleep apnea research
Dr. Andrew Sandford - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Genetic determinants of obstructive sleep apnea
UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

Pulmonary rehabilitation research
Dr. William Sheel - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
The Aging Lung: Sex Differences in the Sensation of Breathlessness During Exercise
UBC School of Kinesiology

Asthma research
Dr. Scott J. Tebbutt - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Validation of predictive biomarkers of the late phase asthmatic response
UBC James Hogg Research Centre

COPD research
Dr. Dragos Mihai Vasilescu - $50,000 (Over 2 Years)
Molecular determinants of panlobular emphysema: A stereology based approach
UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

The National Grant Review supports pulmonary research or development projects and offers grants for research operating costs, including laboratory supplies, technicians and some equipment. For more information on how to apply, go here.

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