Research grant deadline: Nov 16

The National Grant Review supports pulmonary research or development projects and offers grants for research operating costs. 

The Canadian Lung Association Peer Review Committee evaluates the relevance and scientific merit of applications for research support submitted to Provincial Lung Associations. The Committee then returns scientific ratings based on comparison with national and international standards. The Review Committee's mandate is to assess the scientific merit of the application and its potential to make significant contributions to new knowledge, novelty, and the potential for high quality publications are key determinants for the success of applications.

To qualify for funding, candidates are asked to complete two (2) steps:

1. Register: Click here to register

  • You are required to provide the names of the PI and co-applicants, institution, identify the type of research (clinical or basic science), the project title, keywords, and a maximum 1 page abstract of your research project.
  • Registration Deadline: Friday, November 16, 2018

2. Submit Application: 

For more funding opportunities, visit:

Photograph courtesy UBC Faculty of Medicine (left to right):  Dr. Peter Pare, BC Lung Association Chair/Professor Emeritus of Respiratory Medicine with colleagues Dr. Denise Daley and Dr. Andrew Sanford.

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