Complacency is allowing TB infection to rise.

Stephen Lewis, politician, public speaker, broadcaster and diplomat

TB (tuberculosis) is a treatable, curable disease and yet it kills more people than AIDs and malaria put together explains well-known politician and public speaker Stephen Lewis in a video broadcast from a recent international conference on TB.

Finally, today after many years of research, there are new TB drugs in the pipeline and new TB diagnostics to better identify the disease, and faster.  But somehow we’ve not quite yet turned the tide on TB.

The World Health Organization released its 2016 Global TB Report last October. The news, unfortunately, is not good.

The report shows that the TB burden is actually higher than previously estimated. Six countries accounted for 60 per cent of the total burden, with India accounting for 27 per cent of the global TB cases, followed by Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa. 

Watch this short video: Global efforts to stop TB are fall short.

Stephen Lewis is a keynote speaker at next week’s TB conference in Vancouver. A well-known Canadian politician, public speaker, broadcaster and diplomat, he is lending his influence to furthering progress on global efforts to End TB.

Photo courtesy of Alexis MacDonald.
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Page Last Updated: 13/06/2019