Adrenalin-seeking-do-gooders Drew and Nass get set to battle it out for a Trip for Two around the World

Drew and Nass get ready to RUSH this Saturday in support of lung health

Do you have what it takes to conquer an ‘amazing race’ that tests your mind, stamina, and bravery? Twentysomething adrenalin-lovers Drew and Nass do.

They’re about to join almost 200 other ‘RUSHers’ taking part in the BC Lung Association’s annual fundraiser RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt this Saturday, June 10, 2017.

At RUSH, ‘team of twos’ scour the city to solve clues and complete the required number of checkpoint challenges.  Past challenges have included bubble soccer, parkour…even synchronized swimming with the Women’s Canadian Olympic team! It all comes down to who can finish their challenges and cross finish line first to claim top prize: a ‘Trip around the World for Two’. 

But as adrenalin-filled as RUSH can be, as important as the race is the cause behind it: Lung Health.

Drew and Nass aren’t just vying for the prize – they have personal reasons for fundraising in support of lung health.

Drew has suffered from lung disease his whole life. 

“This is my first year doing RUSH,” says Drew is currently being diagnosed with early stage COPD. “Since I was born, breathing hasn’t been easy. At 9-months old, I was diagnosed with asthma, but that didn’t stop me from playing hockey and baseball throughout my childhood. When I was 18, I had a collapsed lung which landed me in the hospital for a month. And now I’m faced with an ultimately fatal progressive lung disease.

I no longer want to take a passive stance on this issue, so I’m getting involved to raise money for research and prevention efforts.”

Nass lost her mother early to lung cancer, the deadliest of all cancers and a disease contrary to what most think does not only affect those smoke. 

“My mom was really healthy and a non-smoker. She taught fitness classes as a hobby, “ says Nass. “I don’t want anyone to go through what my family went through for the past six years. If I can make a difference in someone’s family or quality of life by fundraising, I’m all in!”

This is the 8th annual RUSH: Race & Urban Scavenger Hunt in support of the BC Lung Association. Since its inception, RUSH has raised more than $300,000 in support of lung health. Money raised at this event funds ground-breaking lung research, support, and advocacy efforts here in BC. 

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Page Last Updated: 10/06/2017