Hope Firefighter Monica is climbing to raise awareness about not smoking, staying active

Hope firefighters stand in front of a firetruck

On February 18, 2018, join the BC Lung Association in stepping up for clean air at the 17th annual Climb the Wall: The Stairclimb for Clean Air. We chatted with new participant, Monica Cummins about how she got involved, and what she's climbing for. 

What is your reason for choosing to participate in the BC Lung Association’s Stairclimb for Clean Air?

I was inspired by Rebecca Arrowsmith, another Hope Firefighter who placed first for the ladies last year and also was top fundraiser. Also, by the rest of the Hope Firefighter Stair Climb crew, as well as the desire to get more fit and strengthen my heart and lungs!

I lost my father, who was a smoker, to lung cancer in 2000, so I am also climbing for him and to raise awareness about the importance of not smoking and staying active.

Have you participated in the event before?

Never! I hope I will make it to the top! I also plan to train harder next year and do it again.

How did you get involved with Climb?  

Through the Hope Fire Department. Several members have participated in the past, and our Chief Tom DeSorcy is a Director with the BC Lung Association.

What would message do you think is important to share about lung health generally?

Don’t smoke! Practice breathing deeply, and get fresh air and exercise daily.

How have you been preparing for the event?

 We as a team have been climbing in full gear and on air at the Fraser Bridge in Hope, and also at the firehall.  Sometimes we circuit train.

We have been raising money through our Stair Climb pages, and are also planning a BBQ at a local grocery store, Buy-Low, to raise some more. 

Anything else you want to share?  

I am happy and nervous to be a part of the Climb this year! Thank you to the BC Lung Association, and good luck to all of the climbers! Have fun!

Climb the Wall is Vancouver's most unique event, featuring more than 200 participants on a marathon stair climb up the 48 floors of the 490-foot Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center Hotel. It is an opportunity for participants to challenge themselves and support the BC Lung Association in its fight against lung disease. To get involved with Climb the Wall, or to learn more, go to http://www.stairclimb.ca.

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