Local mom encourages all Prince George residents to test for radon

Susanne Williamson tests her home for radon

After living in the same house for 12 years in Prince George, Susanne Williamson and her family moved to a different home. First thing on her to-do list? Test for radon.

The BC Lung Association completed one of Canada’s largest community-wide indoor radon testing studies in Prince George during the winter of 2014 - 2015. Results showed that 1 in 3 homes tested above the Health Canada safety guideline of 200 Bq/m3.

Aware that Prince George was known to have high radon levels Susanne made it a priority to test her home after moving in.

“For me it wasn’t a question of whether or not to test for radon,” says Susanne. "I personally know many people in Prince George that have tested and mitigated their homes. Testing is an easy thing to do and it will put my mind at ease knowing that my family will be safe in our new home."

Britt Swoveland, RadonAware Manager for the BC Lung Association explains every home in BC has radon, the question is how much.

“There is a common misperception that radon only impacts some communities. This is false. The only way to know for sure if your home has radon levels that are high risk is to test,” says Swoveland, adding "the number of people we speak to on a daily basis from across BC that know nothing about radon is very worrying. This must change."

Radon is a colourless, odourless, toxic gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil, and is present everywhere in BC. The invisible gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, responsible for 16% of lung cancer deaths in Canada. Prince George is one of many BC communities where average indoor radon levels are higher than what is considered 'safe.'

“Winter is the best time to test as most homes are sealed up,” says Swoveland. “We encourage people to leave their radon tests out for at least three months to get an accurate reading, so now would be the ideal time to start testing your home before the winter months are over.”

“If your levels do test above the guideline, there are solutions available,” continues Swoveland. “Prince George has many trained professionals that are experienced with radon mitigation.”

The BC Lung Association tested close to 1,500 Prince George homes through their radon study, but encourages all BC residents to test regardless of their location.

"For the price of a night out to the movies, people can test their home for radon, protecting themselves and their families from a leading cause of preventable lung cancer," says Swoveland. 

To learn more about radon, purchase your own radon test kit, or enter to win one of three free radon tests courtesy of AccuStar Canada visit radonaware.ca

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Page Last Updated: 26/01/2017