NEW VIDEO: Flavoured Vapes Hook Kids

The epidemic of youth and vaping is one which the B.C. government and public health organizations, including ourselves, take very seriously and are working actively to address. The lure of e-juice flavourings used in vaping products - of which more than 7,000 currently exist on the market - is of particular concern. 

To help bring attention to how the vaping product industry is using flavourings to attract young people, a communications company - Publicis Canada - recently approached the Canadian Lung Association and the Heart and Stroke Foundation with a creative idea aimed at helping educate parents, guardians and teachers on vaping's harms. The result of that conversation is a PSA (public service announcement) and a video created by Publicis at no cost to us.  Publicis is also working with media outlets to secure PSA placement and airing on local and national TV stations as well as online.  

Watch the :30 PSA (public service announcement)

Watch the video

Consult our vaping section for more resources on vaping.

Note: The video takes a satirical approach and demonstrates the absurdity of kid-friendly flavours in something that also contains nicotine. Both the Canadian Lung Association and Heart and Stroke Foundation were consulted to ensure video messaging was accurate. In actuality, no nicotine was in the ice cream offered.  The people (real parents) appearing were all made aware of this following their initial (recorded) interaction with the ice cream vendor.  Note also that youth appearing in the video are younger than the youth population (teenagers/young adults) known to be vaping most. This was done for dramatic effect, and to focus viewer attention on the bigger issue.  
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Page Last Updated: 12/05/2020