Thank you Trekkers for an amazing 35th annual ride!

Every year cyclists of all fitness levels join us to ride 200 kilometres throughout BC's Fraser Valley in support of lung health.

This year, September 7 and 8th, 2019, marked the 35th anniversary of our weekend Bicycle Trek (Trek) event.  You wouldn't know it to look at it today, but the event started out much, much smaller. In 1984, a group of just 44 riders hit the the road to pioneer  a new way of fundraising - encouraging friends and family to sponsor their favourite cause. This small group had no idea 35 years later the wheels they set in motion would still be turning or that the event would draww hundreds of participants and raise tens of thousands of dollar every year. 

We're grateful to each and every one who makes Trek possible.

Our fundraisers. It goes without saying we couldn't run Trek without our Trekkers! This year alone, we raised nearly $210,000 for the cause, adding to the $7 million dollars raised over the past 35 years.

Our volunteers. We're very fortunate to have a stable of devoted volunteers who support us, rain or shine, many have been with us for years.

Our sponsors. On top of Trekkers, volunteers and donors, our sponsors give generously time and teim agin, and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you sponsors! Care at Home Services, Global BC TV, Dunbar Cycles, Republica Coffee Roasters, Alkiss Water, Buddha Brands Company, Huer Foods Inc., MadeGood, Skinny Pop, Silk Road, Tealeaves, Three Farms and Dead Frog Brewery. 

Check out this year's photo gallery on our website!

  See you all next year! 

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