No Smoking Signage

In most jurisdictions across Canada, including British Columbia, smoking is banned in all indoor public places and workplaces, including restaurants and bars. 

Municipal governments have the authority to ban or restrict smoking in public places within their geographic limits and to create smoking bylaws that exceed BC smoke-free regulations. Many have.

With regard to multi-unit dwellings, some municipalities have enacted stronger buffer zone requirements than the province, including Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and the Capital Regional District. Also, many BC municipalities and health authorities have more stringent restrictions in place for care facilities, and those restrictions would apply. Contact your local municipality to find out more.

Note: You may live in a community/municipality that has greater restrictions on smoke/vape use. If your community has such a bylaw, it takes precedence over the provincial requirement. Whichever requirement is more restrictive is the requirement you must follow. 

Read more about the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act here. 

Read more about Smoke-Free Housing in BC here. 

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This is a 100% Smoke-Free Property

This is a Smoke-Free Environment

Smoking is Prohibited Within 3m

Smoking is Prohibited Within 6m

Smoking is Prohibited Within 7.5m

Smoking is Prohibited Within 9m








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