30-Minute Home Routine

Aim to accumulate 30 minutes of exercise activity per day.

Set a regular time to exercise each day. Exercise when you wake up or before having lunch, for example, so it becomes routine.

Consider spreading your exercise across the day. It doesn’t have to all be done at once. Do it in three 10-minute sessions for example. 

Use your phone to track your activity. See how many steps you do in a “typical” day during social distancing, and then try to increase that number by 100 steps per day. You should aim for at least 5,000 steps a day.

Take any opportunity to get in some activity. Take the stairs if you can, or walk around the house while talking on the phone.

Try to minimize prolonged periods of sedentary time. Get up and move at least every 30 minutes, for example during the TV ad breaks.

Incorporate additional activity into your day. It could be housework or gardening, for example. 

Try this sample 30-minute home exercise routine

First, put on appropriate footwear (runners) to minimise any potential knee, ankle or foot injuries. Also ensure you have a water bottle close by to stay hydrated. It may be useful to have a chair or bench nearby in case you run into any balance issues during the exercises.

1. Start with 5 minutes of gentle warm up such as a leisurely walk around the back garden or walking up and down the hallway or stairs.

2. Then pick up the pace for 10 minutes of cardio. Brisk walking, or skipping or marching on the spot if space is limited. Work at an intensity that makes you huff and puff, but at which you could still hold a short conversation with someone next to you. 

3. Next, complete a circuit program (see image below). This means doing one set of 6 to 8 exercises (such as squats, push ups, step ups, bicep curls or calf raises) and then repeating the circuit three times.

4. Finish with 5 minutes of gentle cool down similar to your warm up.

Page Last Updated: 28/09/2020