COVID-19: Back to School Safe

Now that schools are back and kids are attending again, there are new considerations we must begin to take into account.


Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces from your child’s school things such as tablets, keyboards etc.


If it is mandatory for your child to wear a mask at school, ensure that you have multiple available so that you have a clean one at hand after each day. Label your child’s mask so that it is not easily mixed up with another’s.

Practice taking the mask on and off with your child, as well as hand washing before touching and after touching it. Instruct your child to never swap masks with another child and explain why.

If your child is uncomfortable in a mask, practice enjoyable activities while wearing it. Watch a movie with it on, for example. Practice calming techniques such as deep breathing or going outside.


Practice hand washing at home with your child. It can be helpful to sing ‘happy birthday’ twice or another similar song to encourage them to wash for a continued 20 seconds. Explain why it’s important to use soap and water. Show them how to use sanitizer when they can’t wash their hands.

Making a routine of hand washing, packing a mask and sanitizer etc. in the morning before school may be helpful in instilling the habit.

Encourage them not to touch their face, nose or mouth with their hands at any time of day.


You need to assess your personal bubble again. If there is someone who is immunocompromised, or elderly, you may not be able to include them in your close contacts as you were before your child returned to school. Their likelihood of picking up infection will now be increased.


Page Last Updated: 30/09/2020