How to Stay Active at Home

Why staying active so important? 

Keeping active makes you stronger and helps you manage health conditions and stay out of hospital. Physical activity also helps you take back control, be more independent and can help you live well for longer. Exercise improves energy levels, anxiety, stress and depression, sleep, self-esteem as well as the body’s use of oxygen, muscle strength and shortness of breath. Additionally, exercise is known to help in the removal of secretions in a number of respiratory conditions. 

Should I use my oxygen when I exercise?

​If you use supplemental oxygen, you should exercise with it. Work with your doctor to adjust your oxygen for physical activity. Your doctor may adjust your flow rate for physical activity, which will be different than your flow rate when you are resting. 

IMPORTANT: You should not exercise if you have a fever or infection, feel nauseated, have chest pain or are out of oxygen. Contact your doctor right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Page Last Updated: 16/06/2020