Tips when using resistance bands

  • When tying the band, use a bow or knot. Tying a half-bow is recommended, leaving one long end for the loop. Always make sure that the knot is secure before exercising. The band is easy to untie

  • Protect your band by keeping it away from sharp objects. Remove rings before using. Beware of long, sharp fingernails

  • When exercising, try to maintain the natural width whenever possible. This will prevent the band from sliding up the legs or digging into hands• Men particularly should wear long socks to help keep the band from pulling at leg hairs

  • Store your band in a box or hang it in a dark area. Do not store in direct sunlight

  • When performing your exercise program, work the muscles throughout the full range of motion. Do not lock the joints

  • Breathe evenly while performing exercises. Exhale during the first or most difficult phase. Do not hold your breath

  • When exercising, return band to starting position slowly. Do not allow band to spring back.

  • With standing exercises, body alignment is critical. Square in the shoulders, contract the abdominals, and relax the knees. Maintain good posture throughout the exercise; don’t slouch.​​


Page Last Updated: 23/05/2020