Physician's primer

The Primer for B.C. Physicians and Resource for Informing Patients (the ‘primer’) was created in response to a survey of more than 150 BC doctors which indicated the need for more information on the impacts of air pollution on health.

It provides physicians with a synthesis of the current medical understanding of air pollutants and recommends what can be done to reduce health impacts from community level actions to individual decisions. While not a set of formal guidelines, the primer is well-researched and a collaborative, multi-agency effort produced by leading B.C. environmental health authorities and endorsed by researchers and scientists with international reputations in the field.

“It’s a new approach and to my knowledge, the first of its kind,” says Michael Brauer, Professor at UBC’s School of Environmental Health and co-author. “It lays the groundwork for an important, ongoing dialogue between authorities on environmental health and frontline health professionals.”

B.C. Physician’s Primer and Resource for Informing Patients

Appendix to the Primer: A Guide to Air Quality Information for the Public

Contributors to the Primer for B.C. Physicians and Resource for Informing Patients include the BC Lung Association, UBC School of Environmental Health/Centre for Health and Environment Research, B.C. Centre for Disease Control, and the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.

Page Last Updated: 15/06/2016