Online Quit Smoking Tools & Resourcse

Quitting smoking isn't easy, but it CAN be done. We've put together some useful tools and info to help you succeed.

Reasons for quitting
Everyone has their own reasons. What are yours?

Quitting resources
Research shows the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Quitting medications
Staying quit is the most important stage of your quit. Being prepared for potential relapse is critical.

Staying quit resources
NRT (nicotine replacement therapies) and meds help with cravings and double your chances for success.

The safety, efficacy and quality of e-cigarettes are still unknown.

Take the addictions quiz
Find out what quit smoking programs exist in your neighbourhood. Search programs by Health Authority.

Calculate your savings
Explore useful web links to more information to help you become tobacco-free.

Additional resources
Download practical resources designed to help and support people trying to quit smoking

Local help directory
A convenient way for healthcare providers to obtain patient resources at the click of a mouse.

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