Running laps for lungs

Shoshana Litvack has seven-per-cent vision in her left eye and five per-cent in her right, but that hasn’t curbed her appetite for adventure.

Never afraid of a challenge, she barrels headfirst into all manner of athletic endeavours. 

This year Shoshana challenged herself to run at least five kilometres each day to raise money for the BC Lung Association.  For each completed run, she puts one dollar in her collection jar. If she misses a run, she adds $5.  And it doesn’t stop there.

Shoshana created a fundraiser called Laps for Lungs at her son’s school. The event took place in April and raised almost $3,000. 

In addition, Shoshana chose to celebrate her birthday with a week of fitness and fundraising. From partnering with her local Barre Fitness studio to climbing the Grouse Grind in under 50 minutes, Shoshana spent the week challenging her lungs and encouraging her friends and family to support her fundraising efforts - and donating herself!

Overall, Shoshana has already raised over $4,000 and is well on her way to her goal of $5,000.

“Basically, everyone closest to me is affected by lung disease,” said Shoshana.

“My boyfriend is asthmatic, my ex-husband is asthmatic, his sister died of lung cancer, my daughter has seasonal asthma and my best friend has Wegener’s (granulomatosis), which is an inflation of cells that affects your lungs and airways, among other things,” she continued.

The extraordinary efforts of supporters like Shoshana make the BC Lung Association work in support of the one in five British Columbians living with breathing problems possible.

“My parents gave me tremendous freedom and confidence to do what I wanted,” says Shoshana.

“I’m fortunate to have overcome some serious obstacles. I live a happy, great life. I don’t drive a car and I don’t perform brain surgery, but I can still do a lot,” says Shoshana whose goal is not just to raise money, but to be a good role model for her children, and perhaps inspire others. 

Shoshana certainly inspires us. To learn more about Shoshana, her progress and to support to her personal fundraising page, click here

Page Last Updated: 03/11/2016