Air Pollution: What You Should Know

This webinar was presented on November 16, 2016

Air Pollution is often thought of as an ecological crisis and the health effects associated with exposure to air quality can easily be overlooked.  However, according to the International Energy Agency’s 2016 World Energy Outlook report, “6.5 million deaths are attributed each year to poor air quality, making this the world’s fourth-largest threat to human health, behind high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking.”

Learning Objectives

  •         What constitutes air pollution?
  •         How air pollution causes millions of early deaths each year?
  •         What resources are available to help patients better manage the health risks associated with exposure to air pollution?


Paula Smith, PhD
Air Quality – Environmental Health Program
Regulatory Operations and Regions Branch
Health Canada / Government of Canada

Paula Smith is an Air Quality Health Specialist with Health Canada, and currently works in British Columbia. Paula has 5 years’ experience working in consulting and doing human health and ecological risk assessments. She did her undergraduate degree in Genetics and has her Post Doctorate in Plant Toxicology.

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